On 28/01/2020, I got approached by a lady called Alice (or 苏娜 in Chinese) on WeChat (then WhatsApp later) from China and living in Hong-Kong.

After getting to know each other and a few weeks later, she said she’s making a lot of money on the Forex market because her uncle works at the trade exchange in Hong Kong and can predict money exchange fluctuations and therefore is a good way to make money. After showing me on a demo account on MT4, a trading platform, it seems to work so I contacted her commissioner to put some money in to open a real account.

Registration email

Below is a copy of the registration email I received from Jitak after account registration on 07/03/2020. Personal identifying information has been removed.

7 Mar 2020, 13:55  
to me

(Distinguished customers,G********)
(We are honored to inform you,Your transaction account has been verified,Customer information is as follows:)
(Login password:Password set when registering;)
(MT4 Account number:100763;)
(MT4 Account password:******(Transaction password:Your transaction password);)
(MT4 Account observation password:******(Read only password:Your viewing code,View only,No transaction allowed))
(The server :JitakCapital-Live)
(Warm tip: for the sake of your account security, please change your transaction password in time and do not disclose it to others;)
(This email is sent automatically by the system, please do not reply directly)


First tradings go well and I can make a bit of money (a few hundreds dollars, see below on 24/03/2020) until I decide to contract a $35,000 personal loan to involve more money, so more returns.

AmountDateFraudulent account nameBSBAcc. Number
-$7,75012/03/2020SUET YI WONG016267 (ANZ)425264378
-$8,98219/03/2020YU HAN CHEN084004 (NAB)947802268
+$19,00024/03/2020Y YE (payment from Jitak to my account, to see if it was genuine)
−19,00026/03/2020ZSZ INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD082039 (NAB)366351876
-$35,00030/03/2020JCDB Pty Ltd064432 (CBA)10685389
$0 (see below)18/04/2020LDM IMPORT AND EXPORT PTY LTD083121 (NAB)887125946
$0 (see below)29/04/2020Account name: HK MINGF TRADING CO.,LIMITED
Bank Address: Golden crown building, 66-70 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
USD- 57411493032
List of transactions between me and this Forex broker including fraudulent BSB and Account Numbers.
Screenshot of my account on MT4 just after transferring around $51,000 AUD under JitaCapital-Live, on 02/04/2020.

The drop

On the 6th of April, after opening an order, the market had “too much fluctuation” (according to Alice and the commissioner) and order got automatically closed. My account money on the trading platform goes negative to $-19,772.36 USD, hence losing all my money and on the top of that owing money to Jitak. Of course, this has been manually manipulated.

After opening an order of 10 lots, there’s “too much fluctuation” and I lose $54,550 USD.

Communication with commissioner on that day:

6/4/20, 17:56 - MT4開戶專員158: Hello, sir, this is because you did not accurately predict market fluctuations, resulting in account losses.
6/4/20, 17:56 - G: I made an order of 10 lots, then a few minutes later it closed automatically without my consent.
6/4/20, 17:57 - MT4開戶專員158: Since your account cannot withstand market fluctuations, if you do not close the order, you will lose more
6/4/20, 17:58 - G: IMG-20200406-WA0008.jpg (file attached)
6/4/20, 17:58 - MT4開戶專員158: Your account funds simply cannot withstand such fluctuations, leading to liquidation

Post-scam communication

Once I knew I was got scammed, I stop sending money (obviously) but I kept maintaining an “interested” attitude and sent made-up screenshots of fund transfers (see $0 transfers in above table) to have more information about which bank account they use.

On 03/05/2020, after building this website, I communicate with Alice and threatened her to publish her information, pictures online and report crimes to police and investment organisations if she doesn’t give me my money back. The threat seems to work and Alice – to my surprise – continues communication and choose to insult me:

[23:55, 03/05/2020] Alice: First of all, this platform is regulated, you can choose to call the police, I am not afraid, because this is true, why don't you mention this when you make money? If you choose to escape is useless, you will be punished, I am in Hong Kong, if you think there is a problem please come to Hong Kong
[13:14, 04/05/2020] Alice: You're so funny, like a clown, why didn't you say that you made money? Now because your own position is too low and there is a crash but I come here to cheat and slander me. I want to remind you seriously, please delete the message that you slandered the publisher forum, otherwise I will let my lawyer sue you in the International Court Of defamation, you will receive a letter from the lawyer and be punished by the law

[19:34, 04/05/2020] Alice: In addition to punishing you through international laws, I have many ways to get you to sanctions.
[19:36, 04/05/2020] Alice: At that time, you will compensate for my mental loss. The amount will exceed 5 million US dollars. If you do not compensate, I will let you go to jail. At least 20 years will be sentenced to you.、
[19:36, 04/05/2020] Alice: Annoyed me, wronged me, framed me, it ’s not good for you, please treat the seriousness of things rationally

On 04/05/2020 (so a few hours after I send my message to Alice), I receive a strange email:

weiwei wang wangww198710@gmail.com
4 May 2020, 11:52
to me
Sir, Rahee cannot solve any problems. Your home address is very clear to our company. If you want to influence your family, you can choose to escape. All your credits will be blacklisted. Our company will send people to your company and family

This email is weird because at that point I didn’t tell the commissioner but only Alice. After talking with the commissioner and asking many questions (including who Rahee is? Which I didn’t have any answer), she sent me the following message:

[14:34, 04/05/2020] MT4開戶專員158: Constantly, you only need to pay back your arrears. This is what you need to do, because your arrears have not been returned, which has led me to be criticized at work. If you have not received your arrears today, I will submit it directly to the system
[14:35, 04/05/2020] G: So you sent this email, right?
[14:36, 04/05/2020] MT4開戶專員158: Yes, this is my personal email to give you the final notice

Furthermore, the email is from a personal Google Email address (wangww198710@gmail.com) without any header or footer.

Finally, the email contains the number “198710” which can be translated as October 1987 and is also the month and year of birth of Alice. This believes me to know that Alice and the commissioner are the same person. When I challenged Alice on this, she answered:

[19:31, 04/05/2020] Alice: Please use your brain, there are too many people in the world in 1987, your framing will cause you great trouble

More information related to Alice can be found here.

Other victims

After that date, I searched online and found other had the same issue with Jitak:

The end?

This scam has been reported to:

  • ScamWatch
  • ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission)
  • SFK (Securities & Futures Commission of Hong Kong)
  • CSRC (China Securities Regulatory Commission)
  • my bank

I reported this crime to my bank. After providing all proof, I am waiting for a response.

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