Two actors here (both are be the same person):

  • the con artist named Alice (or 苏娜 in Chinese) mentions a great story about how she can predict Forex market fluctuations with her uncle,
  • the fake commissioner who provide registration, email and account numbers to transfer money.

The con artist: Alice / 苏娜

Alice (苏娜 in Chinese) phone number is +852 5131 7581, WeChat ID is “Alice584518”.


From our discussions, this is what the information I could gather (some or all of this information could be fake):

  • name: Weiwei Wang
  • nickname: Alice, 苏娜,
  • email address:,
  • born in October 1987,
  • from Shenzhen, China,
  • lives in Hong-Kong,
  • divorced, has a daughter that lives with her grandparents,
  • likes painting, reading, arts and crafts, golf,
  • owns a beauty shop, real estate (multiple houses) and plan to open a sustainable environment company.


The fake commissioner

Phone number of the commissioner is +852 5494 8413 and she communicates using WhatsApp.

She provided information about how to register an account on MT4 and sent me bank account references to transfer money.

Once I got scammed, I discovered that Alice and the commissioner are actually the same person. More information can be found on this page.

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